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This Stereo Breakout Cable will connect between 4.4 Pentaconn and Dual XLR 3 Pin Stereo connections.   Often used to connect media players with balanced 4.4 pentaconn outputs to headphone amplifers, DJ Mixers and Studio Recording equipment with Dual XLR 3 Pin Inputs.


The pinout is as follows, also pictured above:


L+, Tip : Pin 2 Left XLR

L-, Ring 1 : Pin 3 Left XLR

R+, Ring 2 : Pin 2 Right XLR

R-, Ring 3 : Pin 3 Right XLR

Ground, Sleeve : Pin 1 Right & Left XLR


This cable is compatible with media players such as:


Sony:  WM1A & WM1Z, NW-ZX500, NW-ZX300/S.


iBasso: DX170, DX300 Max Ti, DX320 Max, DC04PRO, DC06Pro, AMP8 MK2S , PB5, DC-Elite


Astell & Kern SR35, SR25 MkII, SE300, SE180, SP3000, ACRO CA1000T


FiiO: M17, M15, M11 Plus, M11S, Q15, Q11, Q7, Q5s, Q3, BTR15, KA13, KA5, KA3, KA2, K7 BT, K9 Pro, K11, K9 Pro, K9 AKM, R7.


Hidizs: S9 Pro, DH80S, DH80.


All cable options include excellent dielectric insulation and are fully shielded to reject EMI and RFI.


This cable is available in  SPOFC.


SPOFC Cable Specs

  • 24 AWG Silver Plated Oxygen Free Copper Conductors (6x)
  • High density braided copper shield.
  • PTFE Teflon dielectric insulation
  • FEP Outer Jacket


4.4 Pentaconn TRRRS Connector Specs

  • Gold Plated Pure Copper Contacts
  • Carbon fiber and nonmagnetic stainless steel housing


XLR 3 Pin Connector Specs

  • Rhodium Plated Pure Copper Pins
  • Carbon fiber and nonmagnetic stainless steel housing

4.4 Pentaconn TRRRS Plug to Dual XLR Male Balanced Stereo Breakout Cable

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