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Celebrating 20 Years

Est. 2004

New from Milian Acoustics!

The Max-I

Isolation Headphones for the most demanding environments.

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recording studio
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Studio Recording

A must-have for any serious musician or sound engineer.

Designed for use in recording studios, the Max-I offers unparalleled sound isolation both in and out. With a robust over-ear design and durable construction, these headphones are suitable for both the home production studio and the loudest sound stage.


Percussion Precision

Maximum Isolation for Drummers

You need to protect your ears. 

You need your monitor track to not bleed out into the studio. 

You need accurate reference grade fidelity. 

Milian Acoustics has you covered.

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The finest audio quality tailored exactly to your needs.

Custom Audio Cables from Milian Acoustics

Spanning across the spectrum of your professional and personal audio systems, our cable options offer many combinations not available anywhere else.

  • Headphone Cables

  • Extension Cables

  • Adapter Cables

  • Stereo Breakout Cables

  • 3.5 mm Mini TRS, 6.35 mm TRS, RCA

  • Balanced 2.5 mm, 4.4 mm Pentaconn & 4 Pin XLR

  • XLR & TRS Microphone & Interconnect Patch Cables

  • Oxygen Free Copper, Silver Plated Oxygen Free Copper, Ohno Continuous Cast, Silver Plated OCC & Pure Silver available

Custom Audio Cables


Milian Acoustics headphones and cable assemblies are made in the USA with some globally sourced components.  We are dedicated to producing right here in North Carolina as much as possible.

Components that are sourced internationally come from trusted partners and quality brands that are committed to lasting quality.

Manufacturing in USA is making a comeback.  Milian Acoustics wants to lead the way for American Audio Manufacturing.

Made in America

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